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Research Programs and Projects

Texas Height Modernization

  • Space Based RTK with NGS and Trimble Navigation. This project tested the use of a space based internet connection and NTRip data stream to a user in the field. This research was to support the use of GPS in areas where no cellular phone connection were possible.
  • Digital Leveling Software Package with NGS. In an effort to streamline the process of publishing first order level data for Blue Booking process a data collection software, which opperates on a Windows CE PDA, was developed.
  • GPS on BM with NGS. In an effort to assess the vertical control in Texas a GPS was collected on monument throughout Texas. Results are shown in the comparison of the published to the computed using OPUS.


  • FEMA LIDar GPS data control. In an effort to improve the flood maps in the coastal area, FEMA collected LIDar datasets in Texas. The TSRC collected ground control points for quality check for the final product.
  • GPS Tide Stations systems are being established to best understand the sea level rise in Texas. In an effort to compute the sea level rise in reference to the tidal datum NGS CORS GPS is being co-located at coastal real time tide stations.


  • Uncertainty analysis on surveying control utilized by the USACE for construction projects is being conducted. Uncertainty of control accuracy is translated ultimately to the final constructed product. Cost analysis is conducted based on the uncertainty associated with the control.
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